Quilting Concepts’ quilting prices are based on a per square-inch charge and can be calculated by multiplying the length times the width of the quilt and multiplying the appropriate per square-inch factor. (For example: a quilt measuring 90” x 85” = 7,650 square inches x (type of quilting charge) = approximate charge for quilting.

OVERALL QUILTING: $.0185 cents per square-inch. This quilting is for one application over the entire quilt. This edge-to-edge, overall quilting includes pantograph designs and large meandering. This type of quilting would be best done for a quilt that would get a lot of use, frequent laundering and general wear and tear.

OVERALL QUILTING WITH A BORDER: $.025 cents per square-inch. This quilting includes two treatments – one for the center of the quilt and another for the border. The center of the quilt would include a large free-motion or pantograph design and a separate treatment for the border. This would require turning of the quilt requiring the removal from the frame and repositioning it to complete the borders.

CUSTOM QUILTING: Beginning at $.04 cents per square-inch. This quilting gives your quilt a truly one-of-a-kind classic look. A variety of pattern designs are available to compliment your quilt with special emphasis on specific elements including blocks, sashings, borders, cross-hatching, outlining, stippling and corner designs.

BASTING: $.005 cents per square-inch. For hand quilters, basting is done in rows approximately 4” apart. Large stitches make it easy to remove once your hand stitching is complete.

THREAD: Quilting Concepts uses a quality thread through Superior Threads specifically designed for the use with longarm machines and we have an array of colors. A basic thread charge of $5 (plus tax) will be added to all quilting service statements. Specialty threads are also available at a slightly higher cost. At this time, we do not charge for thread color changes.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: are available and are based on a hourly charge which may include piecing of backing, seam repairs, squaring-up of backing, pressing, thread clipping, construction of a hanging sleeve, trimming and squaring up the finished quilt top and overlocking the quilt edge. The hourly charge, or any portion thereof, is $15.00.

MINIMUM CHARGE: Due to the initial time required to load and align the fabrics on the quilting machine in preparation of starting the quilting process, a minimum charge of $40.00 has been established.

BATTING: We have a quality selection of Quilters Dream batting available for purchase. Batting choices will greatly affect the appearance of your quilt. Cotton batting gives a flatter look and polyester batting has more texture or fullness. Due to the difficulty in using some battings in quilt preparation and quilting on a longarm, we reserve the right to refuse the use of certain battings. We recommend better quality battings. Some are made with uneven density or are too fragile and may shred in handling and will contribute to uneven stitching. Others may beard and spoil your quilt. Quilting Concepts sells and highly recommends battings from Quilter’s Dream. Fusible batting is not recommended.

QUILT BACKING: A word about backing fabrics: choose this fabric as carefully as what was taken to select the quilt top fabric. An excellent choice is 100% cotton in a coordinating print to compliment your quilt top. The use of bed sheets is strongly discouraged. If the backing needs to be pieced, use a one-half inch horizontal seam (with selvages removed) and seams pressed open. Also, if the backing is pieced off grain, there is a potential for the back seam to “wave” on the back.

Payment in full is due upon completion and payment is required by cash or check prior to pickup or mailing. There is a $30.00 fee for returned checks. Please make checks payable to “Quilting Concepts”.

ENTERING SHOWS: if you enter your quilt in a show that we have quilted for you, please give us the appropriate credit for the quilting. We would also love to have a photograph of you, your ribbon and quilt for our website. We will give you a 20% off your next “quilting” charge if you email us the .jpeg photo of your quilt (and permission to use it on our website and in our PowerPoint presentation).

Much time and effort goes into your design that you do not even see, along with much time to set up and remove your quilt from the machine. Therefore, we feel that our prices are very fair.

DISCLAIMERS: Fullness/Piecing Errors: I am not able to quilt out piecing errors. If the quilt top is not square or the borders are too full, you can expect pleats or tucks in the finished quilt. While I will try to ease in as much as possible–that will only work for a small amount of fullness. Quilting will not line up points or seams. Mechanical: Please be aware that sewing machines like longarm machines are mechanical devices. Although we do our utmost to ensure perfect results every time, on very rare occasions mechanical problems can occur which may cause minor damage to a quilt top and/or backing.